About Us


Our company specializes in manufacturing hardware company and fashion accessories, we have over 25 years experience in the metal market inputs for the sector clothing, leather goods and footwear. Leader in the manufacture of buttons, buckles, rings, pendants, pins, sliders and a variety of parts in metal and centrifuged
injected, finished with distinctive quality, we provide our customers personalized service, good prices and guarantee in each our process.
We are a tech company, for its focus on improving continuous processes, products and services, we have a presence in national and international markets (South America, Central America and the Caribbean) and positioned ourselves as one of the manufacturers and marketers of metal fittings and accessories and impact contribution to the Colombian economy.
We are a manufacturer and distributor of fittings and accessories metal suitable for domestic and international companies involved in the field of clothing, footwear and leather goods where, In our experience, technology machinery, discipline and responsibility to offer quality, great prices, services exclusive, compliance and ensuring full satisfaction for our employees.
By 2018, establish ourselves as the best option for our customers by offering a broader portfolio, with more than 2,000 centrifuged and injected references, improved manufacturing processes and finishes, reasonable prices and the possibility of joining our portfolio of products and services virtually by our customers through the application of technology and information media, establishing ourselves as the company further evolution, innovation, excellence in research and development.

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